Wrecking ball


After the initial rush of hardcore DIY, things have started to slow down a bit. I’ve done as much of the wallpaper stripping as I could do without having to hang off ladders over staircases which I didn’t fancy much, and P is still plodding along with the windows, but needs the help of the builders to do the exteriors. The building work was due to start the week before last, but during a meeting with our builder Nick it became apparent that we weren’t ready at all! Whilst we’d been focusing on getting everything ready in the house itself, we hadn’t yet decided on all the relevant fixtures and fittings that were essential for the work to commence! Cue several days of going to appointments with kitchen companies, and hours sat on the internet researching everything from plug sockets to taps and cookers to radiators!  I had no idea just how time consuming it would be sourcing every little detail for the house – Nick was great and was always on hand to advise us, but ultimately it was all down to us which I found quite stressful. P and I are both quite indecisive and also perfectionists, so deciding on each detail is quite painstaking. Add to this the fact that we apparently have expensive taste but a low budget, so were always trying to find the best price/cheaper alternatives, and we found days just passing us by in a haze of Google, Which and price comparison sites!

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