And breathe….


It’s been a long time since I last posted anything, mostly because I haven’t had time/couldn’t bear to spend any more time thinking about the renovation!

There was a period of a few weeks where it all became a bit too much and I couldn’t set foot in the place without noticing something (minor, but seemingly incredibly major) which inevitably made me burst into tears! There were no floors, missing walls, dust absolutely everywhere (including over all of our lovely furniture, which hadn’t been particularly well covered) and progress seemed to be ridiculously slow. Nick the builder then decided that was the ideal time to go on a 10 day holiday, meaning that things slowed down even further. Sockets and light switches were put in the wrong place which upset and annoyed me, and several our beautiful original floorboards were cut badly /snapped which absolutely broke my heart! Everything seemed to be getting worse and worse rather than getting better and it got to the point that I felt sick everytime I knew I had to go round to the house. The most frustrating thing was that whilst all of the hardcore building work, rewiring and plumbing was going on, there was very little that we ourselves could do, and so it began to feel like the place wasn’t actually ‘ours’ anymore.

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