Turning pins into plans

Now that I no longer had fears about ‘jinxing things’, I could start to really plan the interiors for my new blank canvas.
I’d been pinning images over the past few months, but hadn’t reviewed any of the boards as I didn’t want to get too involved in plans for a property that might never come to fruition. When I finally did look over the boards it became very apparent that I have a very specific style – lots of Scandinavian elements, a touch of Boho, coppers, greys and definitely more shabby than chic!
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Back to Basics

Our high tech method of planning everything
Whilst we’d decorated our last place and designed the new bathroom layout, it was a very different story having an entirely blank canvas to work with. I like to think that I’m a creative person and have good vision, but it was definitely a challenge trying to work out exactly where we would want every radiator/light switch/light socket in a house we’d never lived in. The bedrooms, dressing room and hallway weren’t a problem, but due to the irregular shapes of the two living areas, it was hard to picture how the rooms would be laid out without having the furniture available to shuffle about. Having come from a tiny one bed flat it was also a bit of a challenge working out what we would use the comparatively vast amount of space for!
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Building the dream…or not

Builders builders, where do I even start -with the smelly eye roller or the disgusting racist?! We tried to get as many builders as possible round to get a good idea of costs, a broad insight into the various options available and to ensure we weren’t paying over the odds. Not having any experience with selecting builders, we turned to websites MyBuilder and RatedPeople, and selected six London-based builders with the best ratings.
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Feathering our nest

‘It’s been a long time coming’ is an understatement. An 18 month journey of London property hell, where everything that could have gone wrong did! Guzzamping, buyers pulling out, useless estate agents, boundary issues, mortgage offers expiring, nightmares with the council – the list goes on. We went into it with our eyes open, knowing how stressful property can be, yet it managed to far surpass our expectations to the point that we nearly gave up endless times. BUT tears, arguments and a whole lot of money later, I’m delighted to finally be able to call this smelly, damp, dilapidated cottage my home!

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