The Dressing Room


I still can’t quite believe that I actually have a real life dressing room! Such a ridiculous indulgence, but at the moment we have no need for another bedroom/bathroom or a study, so when I saw this space I immediately thought that my teenage dream could come true.

This room was pretty easy to design. It was long and narrow, and given its purpose it needed to be light and bright, so we went for Farrow & Ball Pointing walls and white ceilings and woodwork. I looked into fitted wardrobes but they were pretty expensive and I didn’t think that rails would offer enough storage or protection from dust. Ikea saved the day with their very affordable PAX wardrobes, which luckily fitted perfectly. These wardrobes are great as they’re totally customisable, so you can choose whatever rails/shelves/other accessories you want. Aesthetically they wouldn’t be my top choice, but they look fine and will definitely do the job for now.

For the dressing table, I found a lovely singer sewing machine table (I’ve always been a little obsessed with these), topped with a mirror and then used a little stool that I inherited from my grandma.

As most of the room is taken up by wardrobes and windows, there wasn’t a whole lot of space to add decorative touches, but on the small bit of free wall space I hung another great print from Desenio and on the large windowsills I put various bits and bobs to hide my makeup, jewellery and general girl crap. I tried really hard not to make this room too girly as it’s obviously P’s space too, but the temptation to add a few little touches was too great. I still think I’ve managed to keep it fairly neutral though…it definitely could be a lot worse!

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