Feathering our nest

‘It’s been a long time coming’ is an understatement. An 18 month journey of London property hell, where everything that could have gone wrong did! Guzzamping, buyers pulling out, useless estate agents, boundary issues, mortgage offers expiring, nightmares with the council – the list goes on. We went into it with our eyes open, knowing how stressful property can be, yet it managed to far surpass our expectations to the point that we nearly gave up endless times. BUT tears, arguments and a whole lot of money later, I’m delighted to finally be able to call this smelly, damp, dilapidated cottage my home!

Living/dining room – delightful gas fireplace to be removed asap
Looking to knock wall to the right of the door down, to create a more open kitchen
Some real gems have been left – the wooden cabinet is actually an amazing gramophone!

My property renovation experience to date comprises of a bit of painting, drilling a few holes (badly) and watching a lot of Grand Designs, but despite all of this I’m still hugely excited about the project that lies ahead. I’ve been compiling Pinterest boards for the past year (!) and have a real idea of how I want the place to look, down to the finest details (which candles will be positioned where and which bathroom products would work best with the designs!). But there’s a long journey ahead before we get anywhere near that point, and I’m sure by the end of it we will have had a series of disasters that have meant that most of my ideas aren’t possible/affordable…or that by the time it’s all finished I’ll be contemplating retirement and what’s currently retro and vintage has gone back to being dated and naff.

Kitchen (beaut Belfast sink to be restored and kept)
Kitchen (beaut Belfast sink to be restored and kept)




This is to become a cosy living area – the awful fireplace is actually open so we plan to install a woodburner

Here is a list of all the major works we’ll need to do, in what I currently believe to be order of importance:

  • Plumbing and installing central heating throughout
  • Re-wiring
  • Knocking down kitchen wall to make larger open plan kitchen
  • Installing new kitchen and bathroom
  • Ripping up carpets and sanding floors
  • Removing all textured wallpaper and skimming walls
  • Sorting out the jungle that is the garden

The rooms are also to be reconfigured slightly. Once the wall between the kitchen and dining area has been removed, that room will be an open living, dining, chilling area. The master bedroom would then become a separate living area, which could be converted back into a bedroom should be ever need it (partly because the two of us currently have no need for so many bedrooms, and partly because I feel that this beautiful room would be wasted by just being a bedroom – I want to share it and show it off!).

Love the beautiful windows and quirky features
Window to be a little seat, looking out over the garden. Eyeing up the singer sewing table as my dressing table


The smallest bedroom would then become a dressing room (my inner 10 year old is SO excited that my Clueless style wardrobe dream is going to become a reality…revolving racks and outfit planning software will be cheap and easy to install, right?!).

‘Dressing room’ with rails along the left hand wall and then a dressing table and drawers/shelves along the left and at the end

The lovely light room with a cute fireplace and skylight will then become a master bedroom (handy as it’s adjoining the dressing room)

Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Master bedroom - to restore the sweet fireplace and hearth
Master bedroom – to restore the sweet fireplace and hearth

..and the final bedroom will be the guest room.

Guest room – this needs the least work and is purely decorative

Currently there is a separate toilet and bathroom and whilst I would love to knock them together, the money involved in this means it’s probably not a priority at the moment. It would also mean that I would have to lose my beloved farmhouse style doors as with the new configuration they would no longer fit….and I’m thinking that actually having a separate toilet might have its benefits when living with a stinking boy!!



Bathroom will be reconfigured, inserting a freestanding back along the back wall and the basin (which I will try to restore) onto the left hand side

<3 these doors!

We’re getting in a series of builders to come in to quote the day after we complete, so we can get things moving as soon as possible. We’re going to be moving in with my parents whilst all the work is going on, so we need it to all happen asap before we become a rowing, Jeremy Kyle style mess of a family!


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