The Bathroom


In theory the bathroom should have been relatively simple to transform, but its small size made it a bit of a challenge.

We knew that we wanted a large ‘feature’ bath and so played around with the room layout so that the bath would be in a more prominent position. This also meant that the basin would no longer be right at the entrance of the room, which I didn’t like.

The floor tiles were one of the first things that we chose, after I’d seen them on Instagram and hunted them down. As they are heavily patterned, we knew that the rest of the bathroom would need to be relatively plain and simple and so chose flat white mini metro tiles for the wall, with grey grout to make them stand out a bit (and to better hide any dirt!).

P developed a bit of an obsession with the bath – he knew exactly what he wanted, but unfortunately that came with a £5k price tag, so he spent hours researching other options. Eventually he found this cast iron bateau bath on Victoria Plumbing – it was still pretty pricey but as it is the focal point of the room and something we would use a lot (can’t beat a good bath) we decided it would be worth it. The bath came primed but not painted and so we chose Farrow & Ball blue-black, which I think works really well.

Much as we would have loved a separate shower, the tiny bathroom didn’t have space– and we didn’t have the money to knock down any other walls to allow for it. We therefore chose a rain head shower to go over the bath, as well as a handheld shower as I think they’re always useful. The shower curtain was a bit more of a problem as the ceiling is heavily sloped on one side, but Victoria Plumbing came to the rescue again with an oval shower rail that attached to the wall – thankfully it just fit.

After seeing some lovely counter top basins on Pinterest I decided that this is what I wanted, but instead of choosing a cabinet to go underneath we wanted chunky open shelves. We found a company that made  lovely rustic oak shelves to measure, and so got some wide enough to hold the mini Belfast sink that I’d found on ebay. We then selected traditional looking wall hung taps.

As the room is so small and is mostly tiled, there wasn’t a lot that we could do in terms of finishing touches, but I found a gorgeous old mirror hiding amongst the junk that the previous owner had left in the loft, so I cleaned this up, fixed the broken chain and hung it above the sink. I then found a black macramé plant hanger to allow me to add a bit of greenery – and the room is now complete!


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