The Master Bedroom


Unlike the kitchen and bathroom, the bedroom didn’t require any structural work.

There was a lot of hideous woodchip wallpaper that needed to be stripped which left the walls in need of plastering, and the ceiling needed endless coats of sealant and white paint to cover the tobacco staining, but aside from that it was mainly decorative.

I wanted to go dark grey and loved Farrow & Ball Downpipe, but P felt that would be too dark for the whole room, so we compromised with painting a darker feature wall where the head of the bed would sit, with the remaining walls in Ammonite. As with the rest of the house, the floors were stripped and the woodwork and everything above the picture rail was painted white. I also restored the lovely fireplace to its former glory by painting it in its original black colour.

We already had a gorgeous mahogany bed which my parents brought back from South America several decades ago, and a beautiful brass light shade which we’d bought in Morocco a couple of years ago. Once these two elements had been added, the room started to take a slightly rustic feel.  There was very little space either side of the bed, but I managed to find a couple of teeny tiny dark wood bedside tables which just fit. We thought about getting shutters or blinds for the windows, but I wanted to keep a cosy feel in this room, so we chose some heavy dark grey curtains, with some semi-sheer white panels to go behind.

Then it was just a matter of choosing prints to go on the fireplace and the walls, and to fit in our other existing pieces of furniture (most of which suited the room quite well)

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