Turning pins into plans

Now that I no longer had fears about ‘jinxing things’, I could start to really plan the interiors for my new blank canvas.
I’d been pinning images over the past few months, but hadn’t reviewed any of the boards as I didn’t want to get too involved in plans for a property that might never come to fruition. When I finally did look over the boards it became very apparent that I have a very specific style – lots of Scandinavian elements, a touch of Boho, coppers, greys and definitely more shabby than chic!
Obsessing over interiors
Obsessing over interiors
The challenge wasn’t going to be getting ideas or inspiration for the space, but more doing everything I wanted within the budget, and also getting P to agree to my ideas (he has extremely different taste to me, preferring modern, minimal styles, with a current obsession with all things Japanese).
Now that we had the room layouts planned, I could start to think about what sort of designs would work with the spaces. I decided that the easiest thing would be to work from the bottom up, and so started with the floors. Since I can remember I have had an obsession with stripped wood floors, but due to limited budget and lease restrictions, we weren’t able to have them in our last place. However, fortunately there were no such restrictions in this place, we decided that we’d have wood floors across most of the rooms, obviously adding rugs for noise insulation and to keep it cosy. Once we had the keys to the property the first thing I’d done was to peel up corners of the rank carpet in every room to check the boards underneath, and thankfully they were in pretty much mint condition. A bit of light sanding and treating and they’d be perfect!
In the bathroom, I wanted some amazing patterned tiles to create a wow factor (I’m an avid follower of the #I’veGotThisThingWithFloors!). I’d spotted some on Instagram that I absolutely love, and so went on a mission to track them down. Several hours and a lot of stalking late, I found them at Tile Market in Northern Ireland! The delivery was ridiculously expensive given how far they were being shipped, so we ended up paying a fortune to tile a tiny room, but we both loved them so thought it was a worthwhile indulgence. I was planning to keep the stripped wood theme going in the toilet, but Paul pointed up that this may get messy with men and their renowned poor aim (grim – seriously guys, you’ve got an aimer, how hard is it to hit the target?!) so we decided to use the same tiles in there. 
Our gorgeous new bathroom tiles
For the kitchen, P was keen to have tiles for hygiene reasons, I preferred sticking with the floorboards as it is open plan, and I thought it would look odd having two different floors in that space. Thankfully he agreed, so that was one less battle on my hands…I did promise to ensure that they were extremely well sealed though.
In the downstairs entrance I want to have Victorian-style black and white chequer tiles, as P will be keeping his bike there and there will no doubt be lot of dirt coming in and out, so we need something easily cleaned. Then on the stairs I think I’m going to go with painted wood with a stair runner, just to create a bit of warmth and stop the downstairs flat from having to listen to us stomping up and down the stairs. This is all still TBC though.
There is a huge amount of woodwork throughout the property, with the windows, large doors, skirting boards and picture rails, so I think we’re going to stick with white throughout to keep it bright and fresh. And so next it’s the big decision about wall colours. I am obsessed with all things grey at the moment – dove grey, deep statement grey, khaki grey – basically if I could paint the whole place in 50 shades of grey then I would! P however, is slightly less keen…as in he hates grey (!) so I’ve got a fair bit of convincing to do! We also need to be a bit careful, as whilst the place is currently lovely and light due to all the windows, it is still quite cottagey and doesn’t have the high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that Victorian properties are blessed with. I think if I ‘over-grey’, or get carried away with statement walls then it might end up looking dingy and cold. 
The fun bit...even if we're nowhere near ready for this yet!
The fun bit…even if we’re nowhere near ready for this yet!
But wall colours are currently a distant dream – we’ve got all the fun of stripping back, plumbing, rewiring, kitchen installation, bathroom installation and re-plastering to come first. Once all that is been done then we should have a better idea of how the space works and the lighting, then we can decide what colour schemes would work best. For now, I’ll keep pinning…and showing Paul all the beauty of grey!

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